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The opening paragraph of Martin Limestone’s Mission Statement confirms our company’s commitment to “serving our customers, providing for our employees, and supporting our community while practicing high standards, ethics, and spiritual values in the daily management of our natural and financial resources.”

Though that mission statement was created many years ago, it forms a solid foundation as we seek to conduct today’s business in a sustainable way.  Our interactions with employees, customers, communities, our industry, and the environment are based upon practices that will provide for the long-term success of our business as well as the long-term growth and success of the communities and customers we serve.

We believe the people of Martin Limestone make the difference in the success of our company, the impact on our local community, and in the sustainability of our operations.  The daily contributions and decisions of our employees have the greatest impact on the way we do business.  We are committed to providing a desirable and safe workplace to attract employees who want to improve our operations, products, and communities.  Our ongoing safety awareness program includes conducting regular safety training and providing the resources to protect the safety and health of our employees.  In addition, an employee wellness program and generous employee benefits help promote healthy lifestyle choices for employees and their families.  Our operations are also subject to regular inspections by a variety of Federal, State and Local agencies to help ensure safe and sustainable work and environmental practices.

Martin Limestone is committed to the design and manufacturing of products that consistently meet our customers’ expectations and that contribute to sustainable building and infrastructure design and construction.  We believe that reducing life-cycle building costs is a key to a sustainable future.  We make every effort to include recycled content in our products without sacrificing quality and product performance.   We offer a number of products that help our customers qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) credits and meet other environmental construction standards they may strive to meet. 

We recognize that aggregates reserves are limited, due to finite land resources and diminishing areas suitable for mining because of natural growth of communities and land uses.  We must plan accordingly to preserve available natural mineral resources for future generations and to efficiently use existing available reserves.  We also recognize that accessing mineral resources is often an intensive operation within a community and requires extra efforts to minimize and manage impacts on our neighbors and communities.  Our opportunities to conduct business depend on our ability to effectively control and minimize those impacts.

We also believe that our operations can make a positive difference in sustainable communities through the benefits of the products and building materials we produce.  Our products help to create a quality of life that we’ve come to expect in our communities.  The products are vital in building safe, efficient, and long-lasting homes, roads, hospitals, schools and places to work.  The minerals in aggregates are used in farming, manufacturing, recreational uses, water and sewage treatment and many other areas critical to our sustainable future.  The local access to these products is also important in reducing transportation impacts and costs and to meet the building needs that assure the long-term viability and health of our communities.

Our commitment to sustainability includes efficiently managing our land and environmental resources through each step of the mining and manufacturing processes.  We continually look for opportunities to reduce energy consumption in our manufacturing and transportation and to promote energy-efficient practices and equipment.  Our fleet and mobile equipment maintenance efforts are focused on improving engine efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and minimizing emissions.  Our ongoing approach to manufacturing is to improve our recycling and reuse of materials.  The majority of the products that Martin Limestone produces are recyclable and we are always researching opportunities to use recycled materials in our products without sacrificing quality.

Land management is a critical component of sustainability for a mining company.  Although accessing mineral resources through mining changes a land use, we believe planning and management of the land will result in opportunities for future generations to find vital new uses for our properties.  We don’t know the exact future needs in the communities around our operations; however, we believe alternate uses can and will be found that will continue to provide long-term community benefits.

Reclamation planning for a mining site is a requirement to obtain an operating permit.  There are numerous examples of reclaimed mining sites finding valuable recreational, residential, commercial, or water storage uses that can continue to provide financial and quality of life benefits for the community.  In addition, portions of the land around Martin Limestone sites is undeveloped and currently provides habitat for native wildlife or provides agricultural use alongside the Company’s use of other sections of the property.

Martin Limestone believes that sustainability – the efficient use of our natural resources today without compromising the quality of life for future generations – is simply good business practice and the result of being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.  The National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association states, “Sustainability means that we care about people, we care about our environment, and we care about making products that help build America’s economy.”  We will continue to devote time, effort, and financial resources to the support of that principle.

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