New Holland Concrete



  Baseball/Softball Infield Mix
    Original Diamond-Tex®
    Premium Diamond-Tex®
    Professional Diamond-Tex®
  Warning Track Mix
  Bocce Court Mix
  Athletic Field Line Marker
  Turf Topdressing





PROFESSIONAL DIAMOND-TEX® is specially designed and screened to meet strict standards of Major League baseball, minor leagues, universities, and other fields where top performance is required.  Precise screening of PROFESSIONAL makes it much finer and effectively eliminates all stones and pebbles.  The rich reddish/brown color enhances the aesthetics of your field. 

PROFESSIONAL is recommended for experienced groundskeepers that provide a consistent daily maintenance program.  Because of its higher clay content, PROFESSIONAL requires additional attention during game preparation to keep the surface loose, and is best used on fields that have an irrigation system installed.





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