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What is Diamond-Tex®?
Diamond-Tex is classified as a sandy loam according to the USDA Soil Classification Triangle. It consists of a mixture of sand, silt and clay that has been shown to work well on baseball/softball infields.

Do you manufacture Diamond-Tex or is it just dirt?
Diamond-Tex is a manufactured product, not just screened waste product from our quarries. We select top quality soils that have the characteristics we're looking for and we mix and screen them to meet our strict quality standards.

How do I know I'm getting exactly the same thing I got last year?
You're not getting exactly the same thing you got last year, you're getting a better mix. We are constantly listening to our customers and making innovative changes based on your needs and comments. We test our mixes daily as they're being made to make sure our sieve analysis and particle size analysis meet our specifications.

Why is the color slightly different from year to year?
The color changes slightly due to the veins of soil we are using to make Diamond-Tex. Because of our testing labs and knowledge of soils as they relate to infields, we are able to use different soils and mix them in a way that always results in a top quality playing surface.

How many tons are in a full load?
It's impossible to say exactly how much Diamond-Tex is in a full load, but our trucks usually haul between 23-25 tons. For budget purposes use 25 tons per load to be safe.

If cubic yards are specified, how do I convert cubic yards to tons so I know how much to order?
Diamond-Tex conversion factor for cubic yards is 1.85. Simply multiply the number of cubic yards times 1.85 and you will have the number of tons needed. (Example: 100 cubic yards x 1.85 tons/cu. yard=185 ton of Diamond-Tex.)

How do I figure out how many tons to order based on square footage?
Diamond-Tex works out to be about .0058 tons/square foot/inch of depth. Simply multiply the square footage times .0058 and you will have the number of tons needed for one inch depth of Diamond-Tex. (Example: 8,000 sq. ft. x .0058=46.4 tons per inch of depth.)

What is the difference between Original, Premium, and Professional?
Original is the coarsest and lightest in color of our infield mixes. Its primary use is for public use fields such as parks and elementary schools. Premium and Professional are both darker in color and screened finer than the Original. The Premium is ideal for varsity baseball/softball programs, little leagues, amateur baseball/softball leagues and anywhere there's a competitive situation where a better quality field is desired. The Professional is specially designed and screened for the major/minor leagues, universities, and wherever top quality fields are necessary. Professional packs firm and smooth for the ideal playing surface. Professional has a slightly higher clay content and may need additional attention during game preparation.

How do I renovate my mound, and do you have mound clay available?
We have complete instructions on mound and home plate renovation available on our website or by fax or e-mail. We also sell Diamond Pro Mound/Home Plate Clay as well as Clay Bricks, Drying Agent, and Infield Conditioner.

Do you have instructions on the best way to apply Diamond-Tex to our field?
We do have basic instructions available, although there is more than one way to renovate a baseball/softball field. Your best source is through other groundskeepers and organizations such as KAFMO and STMA that provides a network of industry professionals to call on with solutions to your most difficult problems.

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